Quickspin: Overview, Offering and Slots


Who is Quickspin?

Quickspin is one of the best software providers for online slot machines. The company is followed by many casino players and known for its quality of video slots.

The company was awarded numerous awards, with the most prestigious one being the EGR Awards.

These awards coupled with the fact that big casinos are joining them is proof that their video slots are bar setter, exciting and innovative.

Quickspin may not be near NetEnt right now, however, if they keep doing what they are doing, they will get there in the near future.

The company was established in Sweden since 2011, which is a testament to how far they have gone for such a short time when compared with other competitors, who have been around since the ’90s.

Quickspin’s games use the system of Microgaming’s QuickFire. Due to this, some of the Quickspin’s slots are available at the Microgaming, however, it must not be confused that they are the same company.

Two of the biggest players in the casino scene that offers QuickSpin games are Casumo and Leo Vegas.

Currently, Quickspin team has about 60 veterans around two offices in Europe. One in Malta and the other in Sweden. Quickspin is owned by Playtech, who is the largest online gaming software supplier on the London Exchange Market.

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Quickspin offers breathtaking video slots games, however, that’s not just it. Through these video slots, they offer other offerings. All video slots and promotional comes with cutting-edge technology and impeccable customer experience to keep the player loyalty.

Video Slots

As described by them, Video slots are the most important offering. Their video slots are both on the desktop and mobile applications for the best of the best in the casino world.

The philosophy behind the video slots created is that all the employees in Quickspin are active and continuously seeking feedback during the development of the slot for improvement.

Quickspin proclaims that they offer the richest portfolio of the high quality of video slots around the market. And who can argue?

With the team always looking to strive for perfection in detail by enhancing games graphics, mathematics, and sound.

The full potential in mind, Quickspin always look to grow in the market by improvising in quality and innovation. In numbers, Quickspin produces 12 slots every year with 6 prototypes all times and 30 concepts all times to ensure the right idea is chosen.

Hold your horses, we will be presenting to you their best 5 Quickspin slots. Later in the article.

Quickspin Promote

Quickspin Promote is a tool offered to casino players to give promotional offers to their players such as free rounds.

Flexible Free Rounds: This lets players choose their own path to their victory in the quest of hitting the jackpot. With a twist, that the casino decides which offers goes on which game and on which bet.

Feature Trigger: This gives players the opportunity of a free spin in all Quickspin Slots. This includes the bonus round, which offers the biggest entertainment to the player as they can get another free round.

Achievements: This includes 6 events in each game. The objective of this promotion is to give back to your player loyalty for playing the game. After a certain level and progress has been achieved by a player, the casino gives back a percentage of the expected losses. The operator also chooses how much to give back through achievements races.

Game Events: The game events, which are the same used in the achievements, can be used for other promotions. Game events are flexible and in a nice way to promote loyalty with your players.

Challenges: Challenges is a promotional tool used for player retention. This tool offers more excitement to the video slot. An example is a player needs to choose a character to go through a maze and if successful, wins a nice prize.

Tournaments: Tournaments feature is provided with a collaboration with Tournament Labs. The objective of these tournaments if for players to take game events seriously and try to win a tournament leaderboard for more money. This way an operator keep players in playing frequently and increase loyalty.

Top video slots

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Quickspin has 44 slots available in the platform with 39 of them available on Mobile too. We will give you the top 5 video slots of Quickspin.

The Epic Journey

The epic journey, as the name says, provides a journey to the player to win money. This slot is inspired by the Jules Verne story of The Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

This slot includes different bonuses to make the player win more money, however, the hard part is to match up for the bonuses.

The game also includes volcano bonus and Fossil hunt which offer sure money to the player. Minimum bet is 80c while the maximum bet is 80E and has 100 bet lines.

Sakura Fortune

One of the new ones. Sakura comes from the world of blossom trees and golden dragons. This slot provides 40 bet lines.

This game provides the player an opportunity to win free spins for another chance to win more money. Bonuses can be triggered when 2 wilds meet or 3bonuses are set together. It’s a lottery real

The minimum bet is 20c with the maximum bet possible being set at 100E.

Tiger’s Glory

Tiger’s Glory is all about enraging the tiger. This 4×6 reel with 4096 bet ways video slot ensures winnings if a bonus is triggered.

This slot includes a bonus which offers 7 free spins which you can win a lot of money during those spins. Then there is the Tiger fight against the gladiator in the free spins, If the tiger wins, the player wins free spins. If not, the player wins money.

The minimum bet is set at 20c with the maximum being 100E.

Ivan and the Immortal King

The newest slot of Quickspin. Ivan and the Immortal King mission is to slay the immortal king.

Bonuses include free spins, increasing multipliers, and a Baba Yaga surprise. Baba Yaga is a bonus that helps you win more money by providing more scatters in sequence.

The symbols of the game are pretty much high paying together with low paying symbols as well.

The minimum bet is set at 2c with the maximum bet being 100 euro.

Divine Dreams

Divine Dreams is to be released on the 8th January, however, the excitement around the game already bemoans.

The slot theme is about the deep rainforests of Indonesia and the Goddess of Prosperity and Wealth. Each time a player wins, a multiplier will be added meaning more money in the player pockets.

This game will definitely set the spirit in the heart of the players and the operators.


With our review of Quickspin, its products, and best 5 video slots, you are ready to rock it up in these slots.

The best Quickspin slots are available to play on many online casinos, however, the best online casino for these slots is Casumo! Casumo lets you play both on desktop and mobile while is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the UK Gambling Commission.

Good luck in your conquest of winning the slot lottery!

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