Betsoft and the Best 5 Slots

Founded in 2006, Betsoft through the last decade and few years has earned the right to be called one of the best producer of iGaming Products.

The games are of Quality, cutting edge engineering, and use of fine-tuned 3D engines and animations.

Bar the slots and games, Betsoft gives access for a full-featured casino management platform to online gambling companies.

Being one of the market leaders, Betsoft is licensed and certified to operate in the online gambling markets.

Their operations are across Europe and America.

In this article, we will give you an overview of their best products together with the best 5 online slots offered by Betsoft.


Desktop Games

Their Desktop Slots are second to none with their cutting edge 3d engineering and cinematic universe.

But their games are not limited to slots with games in the roulette, baccarat and blackjack sphere also provided.

They also provide Poker games to clients and enthusiasts.

Mobile Games

The Mobile Slots are similar to the desktop slots with the same software just with the ability to give you fantastic gameplay in smaller devices.

What better than to be able to play enthusiastic slots while waiting for the bus? Or while you are at a break?

Betsoft got you covered, one must say.

Casino Manager

The Betsoft Casino Manager is a software which will help you meet you Casino KPI while growing and building the online casino.

While the User Interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, be sure to find everything you need in an administration manager for your online casino.

The Casino Manager includes a Financial Reporting, Game Reporting, and Alert System.

The Shift Platform

The Shift Platform is a platform used for a list of games with recent Betsoft technology to make the slots and other games more beautiful for players.

These games have increased graphics together with better promotional tools to keep the player playing and winning,

The Shift Platform uses HTML 5 to create these games for the best entertainment possible for the players.


With the games offered by Betsoft being rich in graphics and high in 3d engineering, it meant for the games to be a bit slot on certain online casino websites.

However, it’s not a possibility anymore as these games have vault installed and makes the slots without any need of good internet as vault automatically provides it for the players.

Vault is the complete package, as online casinos get good reviews at the player entertainment perusal.

Betsoft Slots

Fire & Steel

This blazing Betsoft Slot is uniquely designed for a 3-4-5-4-3 diamond format video slot with the theme of the good against evil.

This slot is the pivot for bonuses and exciting wins with a number of combinations that gives you free spins with the open chance of triggering bonuses again.

Fire & Steel makes use of Betsoft’s shift which offers a slot with the HTML5 technology for smoother, and better graphics and 3D engines.

Mr. Vegas

Go to a night on the town of Second Chances together with Mr. Vegas and his companions through this slot.

The slot compromises between stunning 3d graphics and a studio feature film and sound to provide an immersive gaming experience through Mr. Vegas.

The Bonus rounds triggered include Las Vegas casino games such as Roulette, Money Wheel and rounds into a mini-slot.

Carnaval Forever

Immerse your self into the samba and the streets of Rio De Janeiro during the Carnaval with this slot. Carnaval Forever is the glittering new slot provided by Betsoft.

This slot gives players the chance to participate in one of the biggest events in the world, the Carnaval.

Carnaval Forever includes soundtracks which are part of the Carnaval with backgrounds colorful to keep you with the rhythm of the Carnaval.

3 or more queens can give you the ultimate Carnaval present of free spins between 5 and 9 to win more money.

The Golden Owl of Athena

The Golden Owl of Athena gives you a journey to ancient Greece and gives you the chance to unlock the secret of great reward with the Golden Owl as a key!

This slots includes a 3×5 classic slot with a potential of 20 Free spins if the Golden Owl is triggered.

However, that’s not all. The Golden Owl can trigger scatters which leads to huge winnings. So, fly out to Greece to have a chance to enjoy the whole world!

Fruitbat Crazy

Fruitbat Crazy comes with a taste of traditional slots. Simple, yet, fantastic slots. The slot is all about the cheeky bat looking to eat fruity food.

The more food, the bat eats, the more money, you make. The game also has a feature of one big explosion which can lead to huge winnings.

While it uses combo by combo for smaller winnings it also triggers serious succulent payouts.

Final Words

As we come in the end of the Betsoft best slots review, you should be ready to chance your luck for breathtaking winnings!

The best Betsoft slots are available to play on many online casinos, however, the best online casino for these slots is Casumo!

Casumo lets you play both on desktop and mobile while is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the UK Gambling Commission.

If you are not the type of Betsoft’s slots, read our review about NetEnt.

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