5 US Online Casinos For Slots Bonuses

US Online Casinos For Slots Bonuses

The United States will hopefully be (finally) revisiting their decades-old ban on online sports betting and opening up the markets to the world.

This, as we discussed in a column we wrote on our sister-website (AlphaCasinos), thus usher in a wave of new players who at time of writing, still have no way of accessing online sports betting / gambling.

Or do they?

While online sports betting is banned in the US (apart from Las Vegas), there are ways around this ban and that is using by online casinos who are based outside in the US and have gladly opened their doors to US players (even though it means heavier regulations and restrictions).

Now, given the theme of this website and with this recent repeal-law news, we saw it only fitting to write a post listing our favourite 5 online casinos for slot bonuses (and how to join them).

Below you will find a “short list” as not too many yet accept US online players, but fingers crossed, this list will keep getting bigger and bigger as the restrictions start slowly being lifted.

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US Online Casinos For Slots Bonuses


Bovada, is one of our favorite US casinos and for good reason too; they offer fantastic bonuses to new players but they also have an amazing support team that answers all your question in an efficient manner.

The current Bovada welcome bonuse for slots is $3,000! 


Another one of our favorites is a little-known (under-rated) casino called Intertops.

We came across this casino when we did our full review of it and although it may not be as good as the above mention Bovada, it is one that we do not mind fully supporting and recommending to our readers.

The current welcome bonus for Intertops stands at a matched 100% and you can claim this bonus and get started playing your favorite slots here >>

Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino is a relatively new, but a force to be recoknowed with in the online casinos space,.

A very attractive feature for new players, apart from the bonus we will talk about next, is their Ignition Rewards Program where you are set to get more benefits that the average user if you become a member.

The current welcome bonus offering stands at $4,000 and again; you can get started with it here>>

*please note the bonuses are as of writing, they are subjected to change as time goes by and welcome offers can updated.

Slot Land

SlotLand, a whole compete casino dedicated to Slots and luckily for you and me, they accept US players. From huge jackpots and great welcome bonuses, SlotLand has it all and has been serving the online community since 1998.

Want to use a trusted, well respected casinos for your online slot enedevours?

This is another casino we fully recommend as a US online casino for slot bonuses. You can get started with SlotLand and an attractive $1,000 welcome-bonus here>>


We have a fully dedciated Slots.LV review for you to see on our site but let me just give you a few reasons why we think this casino deserves a spot on our list.

Not only are they one of the few slot-based casino (as the name suggests) but also they accept players from the United States and have been on the forefront for the industry with new technologies making them a highly-respected, award-winning online casinos.

Even just seeing the interface and the whole user experience of the casino’s home page will be clear that a lot of attention and detail was put into making the website not only looking pleasurable to the eyes, but also easy to navigate, understand and use.

The bonuses?

As a newly joined member, you are eligible for $5,000 bonus which you can get today from the Slots.Lv landing page.

Closing Thoughts

While we would like to have offered more and more casinos on this list, this has been our top rated, most recommend 5 US online casinos for slot bonuses.

Yes there are some others that you can join but from our research and own personal experiences, the 5 mentioned above are just about the best you can get.

Have you tried any of these casinos? Or maybe you can suggest to us another great one that you use?

Feel free to leave us a comment down below and let us know which is your favorite casino for online slot games.

We look forward to hearing from you…

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