Which Online Slots Payout the Best ?

which online slots payout the best

As players, we always want to be able to play at online slots that are not only enjoyable but also very lucrative as well.

Who wouldn’t want to win as much money as possible when gambling online?

Of course, if you knew that there were slots out there where you could win massive payouts, you are going to choose those over any others.

Rightly so as well, as you want to be able to win life-changing money rather than some loose change.

For that reason, we have found which online slots payout the best and have turned more players into millionaires than any others out there right now.

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One minute they are just another player having a few spins at their online casino and the next they are celebrating the fact they have just won millions.

These three online slots are known far more than any others for their ability to turn players into multi-millionaires overnight.

In fact, if you were to check out the top ten of the biggest ever payouts won by players from online slots, these three slots account for the whole of that top ten.

So without further ado, here are those three online slots that have the potential to bring some much welcome wealth your way the next time you play them at the online casinos.

which online slots payout the best

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is represented four times in the top ten all-time payouts and most importantly, it is the slot that is in the Guinness Book of Records for the single largest payout of all time.

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That record stands at about $17.2 million and was won by Jon Heywood from the UK in 2016.

Mega Moolah is a progressive jackpot slot (all three slots are in fact) by Microgaming and Mr Heywood was only playing spins of around $0.50 when he managed to scoop that jackpot.

Mega Moolah has 5-reels and 25-pay lines and has always been one of the most popular slots around.

Containing features such as free spins, wild symbols, scatter symbols and multipliers, there is still the potential to win some good payouts even if you do not manage to get lucky enough to win one of the four progressive jackpots.

You heard right, by the way, there is not only one progressive jackpot you can win – there are four in total.

They will each grow slowly but they have different starting points whenever they are won.

The smallest starts with $10, then the next start with $100, followed by $10,000 and $1 million.

Obviously, the latter can grow to massive amounts but you would not sniff at winning any of them should they grow large enough.

which online slots payout the best

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune runs Mega Moolah pretty close as it has produced three winners in the top ten of all time. It actually accounts for the 2nd and 3rd largest of all time with recorded wins of $13.47 million and $9.57 million respectively.

Developed by NetEnt, Mega Fortune is another progressive jackpot slot that is well known for its ability to pay out big.

As with most slots from NetEnt, Mega Fortune will always give a good first impression due to the excellent graphics that it has.

It will then carry on its impressiveness the more that players play. This is basically because of some excellent game features that help to vary up the action.

Mega Fortune serves up its action on 5-reels and 20-paylines and includes features such as wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, re-spins, multipliers and three different progressive jackpots of varying levels.

The Major progressive jackpot is the one that you will want to win the most but we doubt you will be too downhearted should you win one of the other two.

If you are looking for big payouts, there are not many other online slots that can compete with this legendary progressive slot from Net Entertainment. We urge you to check it out today as you might just find you are a lot wealthier than you were before.

Hall of Gods

NetEnt is also behind Hall of Gods, another progressive jackpot slot that has turned a large number of players into millionaires.

This slot accounts for the remaining three spots on the all-time largest payouts list having paid out more than $25 million across those three big winners.

While that jackpot is the main reason why players want to play this online slot, there are plenty of other reasons for its popularity too.

Graphically, the game is excellent and with features such as wilds, scatters, multipliers and free spins, you can understand why so many players regard this as one of the best slots of all time.

5-reels and 20-paylines is the reel format you will find on Hall of Gods and with a good betting range, players with budgets of all sizes will be able to enjoy the action on them.

Other Online Slots that are Known for Big Payouts

The Dark Knight by Microgaming, Deal or No Deal, Gladiator and Fantastic Four by Playtech are some other progressive jackpot slots that have been responsible for big payouts over the years.

They all offer up a combination of exciting gameplay, fantastic bonus features and of course the potential for some good payouts.

If any of the first three slots do not bring you much luck, these slots should definitely be tried out to see if they can change that luck.

You will also find a good selection of other progressive slots that also have the ability to make you rich.

They might not have quite the same reputation as those we have mentioned but they certainly create some impressive jackpots that somebody somewhere has to win.

which online slots payout the best

Where Can You Find These Slots?

Any online casino that values its customers will at least have a few of the slots we have mentioned so far in this article.

However, ideally, you want online casinos that have as many of them as possible if not all of them.

We know of some online casinos that have a selection of these slots as well as some other excellent progressive jackpot slots as well.

Not only do these online casinos have a number of lucrative slots to play but they also score high in most other areas as well.

They each have good levels of customer service, can support a good variety of payment methods, are fast at processing withdrawals and provide players with other types of games such as table games LIVE dealer games, video poker and instant win games.

  • LeoVegas

If you have been enjoying online gambling for a good few years now, there is a good chance that you would have heard of LeoVegas, an award-winning online casino that is is one of the most popular among players.

With an excellent welcome bonus and hundreds of games to choose from, LeoVegas is an online casino that just has to be checked out.

Furthermore, known for super-fast withdrawal times and an intuitive interface, LeoVegas is both a trustworthy and efficient place to enjoy some online gambling.

We highly recommend LeoVegas are know that any player that takes a chance to play there will instantly be hooked on the enjoyable experiences that it provides.

Able to accept players from the UK and other countries across Europe, we strongly urge you to take a look as there are not many other online casinos that can compete with this one.

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  • BetVictor

BetVictor is another great online casino that has many admirers. What stands out the most about this casino is its prestigious history in the gambling industry.

Having started out as a high street bookies in the UK, this brand has been around for many decades and thus instils a good level of trust from the outset.

While their history is a major selling point, the people at BetVictor can also be applauded for providing a high-class online gambling environment that ensures their players are always returning for more.

They have a good selection of quality slots to choose from but also provide sports betting as well. While there is a good chance that many players will not be too interested in the latter, having it as an option is never a bad thing.

On top of all of above, you can be sure of a friendly and knowledgeable support team, some welcome bonuses and some quick withdrawal times.

Why not go and check it out today to see if you can grab one of those progressive jackpots?

  • Mr Green

The last online casino we are going to recommend you check out when looking for progressive slots is that of Mr Green.

Offering some of the best online slots in the industry alongside a variety of other games, Mr Green has fast become a favourite for many players online.

Whether you like classic table games such as Roulette or Blackjack, like to play LIVE dealer games or would prefer to just stick to online slots, Mr Green has you more than covered.

Should you ever run into issues, you will be happy to hear that this online casino is renowned for having some of the best customer services in the industry.

They respond fast and always look to have issues resolved as quickly as possible.

Additionally, with so many different payment methods and some good processing times, you should never have any trouble getting money in and out of the casino. If you are ever looking for a new online casino, BetVictor is one that we feel you will be more than satisfied with.

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How Do Progressive Jackpots Work?

If you are new to playing online

slots and are not yet sure about progressive slots and how they work and are able to pay out such huge sums of money, carry on reading and we will let you know.

Progressive jackpots are basically pooled jackpots. This means that whenever a player plays on this slot at the online casino, a small percentage of each bet they make is put into this jackpot. All players contribute to this jackpot until it is finally won by a lucky player who was in the right place at the right time.

Some will grow faster than others due to the number of players playing the slot and the percentage that is taken from each spin.

These jackpots differ to the local jackpot on a machine that is always a static amount and in many cases can grow to be many millions.

As you have seen from our three highest paying online slots above, these progressive jackpots can grow to be close to $20 million in some cases.

Players are always looking out to see which jackpots on the different games have grown the most before playing that slot in the hope that they are going to be the lucky one that wins it.

Final Thoughts

Winning progressive jackpots is not something that will happen to everybody but as the saying goes “you have to be in it to win it”.

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If you are going to be playing an online slot anyway, it might as well be one with a progressive jackpot as there is always that chance that you could become an instant millionaire.

We have given you our opinions on the best progressive slots out there right now and as you have seen, the facts back those opinions up considering the payouts they have been credited for.

The best part is, that records are meant to be broken. Could you imagine being the person that topples Jon Heywood in the Guinness Book of Records by becoming the winner of the single largest slot payout of all time?

It is definitely possible and somebody someday will beat that record.

Now that you know which online slots payout the best, we are pretty sure that you are going to want to try them out. If so, we wish you the best of luck as you go hunting for your very own progressive jackpot payout!

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