How To Play Video Slots Online

how to play video slots onine

Slots are the bread and butter of all casinos including the land-based and online ones.

According to some estimates, most casinos earn up to 70% of their profits from slots.

Video Slot Games occupy a unique position in all the games offered by online casinos, as they are the main offering of many online casinos and serve as the biggest attraction for gamblers.

Despite the popularity of video slots, very few detailed guides exist on how to play video slots online.

So, we’ve decided to make things a bit easier for our readers in this article will make you aware of the basics of video slots and how to play them at online casinos.

how to play video slots online

How Video Slots Differ From Traditional Slot Machines

Video slots which you encounter nowadays across all online casinos are just a modern rendition of slot machines.

Although, in many ways, they differ significantly from traditional slot machines which were the mainstay of land-based casinos.

Traditional slot machines used 3-reel slots displaying mainly fruit symbols and have been around since at least the 19th century in one form or another. Slot machines were used by all land-based casinos and remained the mainstay for casino gambling for almost a century.

Casinos offered terrible odds on slot machines as compared to their table games, and until the advent of online gambling slot players was looked down upon as second class or less experienced players and odds were hugely stacked against slot players.

Much of this had to do with the smaller bet sizes as professional players almost always used to play table games with higher stakes.

Most video slots use 5 or more reels unlike the 3 used by traditional slots.

Fruit symbols have also been replaced with much better-quality graphics and animations, thanks to the advancement in technology.

Video slots, unlike traditional machines, exist only digitally and you can only access them on screen via a computer or mobile device.

Video slots mobile casinos are growing in popularity due to the easy accessibility for players.

In terms of functioning, there is no difference between video slots and slot machines, as the basic principles are same for both the games.

How To Play Video Slots Online

Playing video slots online is quite easy and all you need to do is follow some basic steps which we will outline below:

1.Register for an account with an online casino offering video slots:

As expected, this is the first step to take if you don’t already have an account already with an online casino.

In case, you have an account then just skip this step and move on to the next one.

Before choosing a casino, carefully study the bonuses offered for new sign-ups and pay close attention to their software providers as this can affect the choice of available video slots.

2. Make a deposit:

Once registered, you’ll need to have funds in your online casino account to play a video slot.

You can do this easily as most major online casinos support a wide range of payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, eWallets and payment processors such as PayPal.

Online casinos that accept PayPal>>

3. Browse their collection of Video Slots and Choose one:

Online casinos tend to categorize their games in easily identified categories and most often you will just need to click on a button titled “Slots”.

You can choose from 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, Jackpot slots, 3D slots, iSlots, Feature slots, and Fruit Machines.

how to play video slots online

4. Spend time learning the basics:

Almost all slots use the same principle of spin and win, but you also need to consider the inherent differences between various video slots in terms of graphics, paylines, paytables, as these can differ widely across different slots.

You will also need to learn the differences between various types of slots as 3d slots, jackpot slots and fruit machines differ greatly.

5. Bet Size:

Your choice of bet size will largely dictate your fortunes with video slots and we will explain why bet size can make or break you.

Video slots like any other casino games are considered games of chance, which are essentially based on mathematical odds.

This means that by plain mathematics, your losses will average out against your winnings in the long run, as you’ll win and lose almost an equal number of times.

Amateurs tend to place larger bets and will often bet all the amount they have on a single spin.

Pros, on the other hand, know that by keeping their bet sizes small, they’ll significantly increase their odds of winning in the long run.

So, instead of wagering $100 on a single spin, try to break this into smaller bets of $1 or $5 and then place a bet on multiple spins for increasing your chances of winning.

how to play video slots online


Like any other casino game, video slots also require a clearly defined strategy and you don’t stand any chance against the house without a strategy in place.

It will not make sense to play a 50 pay line game when your budget only allows you to play a 20 pay line game.

Casinos also provide automated solutions for those who are not ready to deal with the complex issues, and you can select the Bet Max button for setting your coin size as having a large number of pay lines increases your chances of winnings.

Video slots are quite easy to play as compared to other casino games, but like anything else in life, it’s going to take patience, dedication and a bit of smart work to master them.

However, here you can you learn which are the highest online slot payouts>>

These were our few tips for players who wanted to know how to play video slots online.

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