How To Beat Online Slots

How To Beat Online Slots

If you want to win and know how to beat online slots at the online casinos there really is no absolute way in which you can do so.

You have to remember that the house will always have an edge and will always make money from its players.

This is not to say that they will always win against each of us every time but as an entirety, us players will always come out down and the casino up.

This essentially means that we are competing with other players at the online slots.

Some will walk away with nothing, others might break even, a few will end up a little bit up and a small minority will record big wins.

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Of course, we as players will all want to at least be a little bit up but hopefully recording big wins.

While there is no way anybody can say for certain that there are methods that will work most of the time when playing at the online slots, there are ways where you can give yourself a better chance.

To sum up, a method that a lot of people we know use when enjoying an online gambling session with the sole purpose of winning as much money as possible.

It would be to only play high variance machines, wait for a big payout before withdrawing that money and moving on to your next online casino.

We will break down this method into steps starting right from the online casinos that you should be playing at and even the types of online slots you should be playing.

How To Beat Online Slots

Pick The Right Online Casino

This is pretty straightforward and probably quite obvious but your choice of online casino is an important decision.

You are probably thinking more along the lines of the welcome bonuses on offer and any other regular bonuses that might be on offer from the online casinos.

However, while that is important due to the free money and/or spins you might get, there are other reasons why you will want to choose particular online casinos.

One area you will want to ensure is good at your chosen online casino, is that of the time it takes to get money on and off the casino.

We will go more into this in the next session but the key emphasis is that if you want to win money quickly, you are going to need to be able to withdraw your big wins before heading off to your next casino.

Furthermore, try to play at slots that use either Microgaming, NetEnt or Playtech slots.

These are three biggest developers of online slots in the industry but that is not why we suggest using them.

The main reason we recommend them is that they have the most online slots and therefore will likely have the most slots with a high variance.

You want a good selection of online casinos that fit your requirements, at least five or six but you could have as many as you like above that number.

Always Deposit And Withdraw Via eWallet

Following on from what we just said, you ideally want to be using an eWallet for your payment methods at the online casinos.

This has nothing to do with security or anything like that and is more to do with those processing times we mentioned earlier.

If you are looking to win and win quickly across a number of your favourite online casinos, you are going to want to be able to deposit and withdraw quickly as you go from game to game.

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There are many eWallets out there and for a good majority of online casinos, deposits and withdrawals will be practically instant.

You have the likes of PayPal, Skrill and Neteller among some of the favourites, so just check to see what methods a potential online casino has.

Using credit cards is fine if you are happy waiting 3-7 business days for transactions to complete and are willing to play the long game when trying to beat the online slots.

For most of us, however, this is far too long when you want to be moving money around as you go from casino to casino.

How To Beat Online Slots

Find Some High Variance Slots

The next step is to find yourself some high variance slots.

Every slot has a variance level attributed to it but most of the time the developers do not tell us what levels these machines have.

Usually, it comes down to experienced and knowledgeable players determining the variance level of certain online slots.

Low Variance – The slot pays out regularly but the wins will usually be small to compensate for that regularity.

Medium Variance – A mix between low and high variance meaning a good mix of small and big wins with a medium waiting time between each.

High Variance – A high variance slot takes a lot longer between payouts but will usually payout much bigger wins.

The idea is to play at high variance slots, wait until you get a big payout that puts you into decent profit before withdrawing your winnings and moving onto the next online casino.

You can usually discover the variance of an online slot via a quick Google search but to get you started will give you a couple from each of the software developers that we suggested.

At NetEnt, the two online slots we suggest you start with are Gonzo’s Quest and Robin Hood as these have a perfect high variance level that could see big wins coming your way.

As for Microgaming, Thunderstruck and Tally Ho are two high variance slots you should be trying out.

Finally, Desert Treasure and A Night Out from Playtech are high variance slots that will pay out big after a while.

Play Highest Stakes Possible

To make the most of your bankroll and your potential winnings, you really need to be betting a steady amount.

However, this obviously depends on your starting bankroll as you want to be looking at having at least 50 spins but ideally as many as 100.

So if your planned session is for $100 we would suggest something like $1.50 per spin at a minimum.

That should be enough to outlast even the most volatile online slots with the highest variance.

You should hit a payout or two in that time but ideally, you want to get lucky early so that you can cash out and move on to the next online casino and your next chosen game.

How To Beat Online Slots

Look Around For The Best Welcome Bonuses

If you wanted some extra cash you could use online casinos that offer up some great welcome bonuses.

There will obviously be playthrough requirements before you can withdraw this bonus money and it might slow down your process a bit but who is going to say no to some free money?

There are a number of good online casinos that offer some fantastic welcome bonuses as you will see in our post –  Online Slots with BIG Welcome Bonuses.

Is This Guaranteed to Work?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, there is no system that can guarantee that you will win all of the time.

This is because you are depending on luck.

However, with this method, we feel that you are making the most of any luck and not giving it a chance of swinging back on you by constantly moving machines.

Of course, there could be days where you just lose your starting bankroll on the first slot you go to, that’s just how it is.

Most of the time, however, you should be able to at least walk away with some kind of profit.

Other Small Tips That Can Help At The Online Slots

While you are trying out the above methods of winning at the online slots, you should also be taking heed of the following quick tips when playing.

These tips should be heeded even if you are not following our little guidelines on beating the online slots.

  • Cover all Paylines

Most online slots will let you decide how many pay lines you want your wager to cover.

You should always make sure that all of them are covered by your bet.

Even if you have to lower your coin values to accommodate all lines, you should do so.

You want to be sure that you have the chance to win the maximum possible and give yourself the potential to hit multiple wins per spin.

Imagine the pain when you see a big win on a line that you decided against covering?

  • Avoid the Gamble Button

Some online slots will have a gamble feature that gives you a chance of doubling up your winnings after you have recorded a win.

Usually, this is a 50/50 double or nothing gamble where you can either double your money or lose what you won.

We advise players to not use these features, especially if they are using our above methods.

After potentially waiting a long time for a payout on a high variance slot, the last thing you want to do is gamble it all.

How To Beat Online Slots

  • Use Auto-Spins Sparingly

Most slots will have an auto-spin feature where you can let it spin a certain amount of spins for you automatically.

While this feature can be a good thing if you need to rush to the toilet or something, you should not be letting it run for too long.

You might have hit a big win and you should be stopping and cashing out yet it keeps spinning away and potentially losing all your winnings.

Only use it if you are there and watching it.

  • Don’t Play When Drunk

Even though online slots are a game of luck with no real skill needed, you still need to have a clear mind so that you know when to stop. When players are inebriated, they can sometimes go too far or set targets that are too high.

They can also start chasing losses when they really should just call it a day.

Keep your mind clear and you will have a much better chance of success. Besides, when you hit a big win, you can always stop for the day and then go out and have a few drinks in celebration.

  • Gamble Responsibly

This tip kind of follows on from the last as those that drink when playing is very susceptible to gambling irresponsibly.

When you are going to enjoy some online gambling, make sure it is with money you have to spare and not money that is needed for other things such as your rent.

As they say, don’t gamble out of desperation for money, gamble for fun with the potential of making some money.

That’s about it for this post and we hope that you have learned some valuable information about how to beat online slots.

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If you are going to use some our tips and methods, we wish you plenty of luck and perhaps you can come back and let us know how it went?


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