How Fair Are Online Casinos?

How Fair Are Online Casinos?

Before we begin let’s get one thing straight. The words “fair” and “casino” will never go well when put next to each other. When it comes to how fair are online casinos there are various ways in which this question could be interpreted.

Do they provide a “fair” payout system, will there always be a house edge?

This, as well as a series of various other questions of that sort, are going to be answered in this article so that the next time you are about to trust an online casino with your money you will already know how you will be treated.

How Fair Are Online Casinos?

How do online casinos actually work?

Ok, you go online, you pick an online casino that looks good to you. Maybe you have read some review and you liked what you learned about them.

But how do online casinos actually work?

The answer is simple. They work the same way as physical casinos do. There is a saying that goes like that “The only way to walk out of a casino being a millionaire is if when you walked in you were a billionaire” and it is mostly true.

The majority of people that visit casinos to win money fail unless they implement a specific strategy in their playing style. However, casinos have taken security measures to punish those players by banning them from playing on their casino.

And by “those players” we mean the people who actually know how to play the games each casino offers so that chances and thus winnings are both in their favor.

People who actually do that make fun of those that “waste” their time on slots but what they don’t know is that slots are one of the best ways to make good money or at least not lose much.

RTP plays a big role in an online casino’s “fairness”

This is based on a thing called RTP (sort for Return-to-Player) and it shows how much money a specific game (usually slots) will return to the gamblers in a percentage-based way.

For example, a slot with an 85% RTP would hypothetically return to the player 85 dollars if he had wagered 1$ in 100 spins.

Note that we used the word “hypothetically” there and the reasoning behind that is that slots, as well as any other game you can find in physical or online casinos, will or will not return such an amount to each player that wagers on it.

What do we mean by that? Say, for example, that you and your friend visit a casino. You go in and decide that you both would like to play in the same slot.

Let’s say that you go first and play 10 times. You may win all of them or not a single one at all. Then your friend plays and he wins the jackpot!

The RTP protocol operates based on the number of total spins the slot has and not how many times a specific player may spin it. However, because we love our dedicated readers we would like to provide you with the top 5 highest paying slots you can find on online casinos.

These are:

#1: Goblin’s Cave

If you have ever played in an online casino then chances are you have encountered this specific slot before.

It usually can be found in the “popular” section and that isn’t a coincidence as this game features the highest RTP out of all the other slot games in the online gambling industry. It is provided by Playtech and the return to player is 99.3%.

#2: Ugga Bugga

Very similar to the one we mentioned before and the reason for that is that they are actually both from the same creators. However, this slot features a slightly lower RTP at 99.1%.

#3: Ocean Princess

Once again Playtech is responsible for this amazing slot machine as well. It offers a 99.1% RTP and it can be found, just like the other slots before this one, on any online casino partnered with Playtech.

William Hill GamesLeo Vegas, and Mr. Green are only a few of them.

#4: Nemo’s Voyage

The provider of this title is SG (Scientific Games) who are partnered with Trada, Video Slots, Fantasino, Bingo, Leo Vegas, and many other renowned major casinos. It offers a 99% RTP.

#5: Ooh Aah Dracula

Coming from Barcrest (which is also owned by SG), this slot features a 99% RTP.

BGO which is indeed partnered with Barcrest (and thus SG as well) features their games and offers a number of free spins (or fair spins as they like to call them because there are isn’t a playthrough requirement) that you can get based on how much money you deposit.

are online casinos fair

RTP & House Edge – The relationship between them

One is the exact opposite of the other. When a game features a 5% house edge that means that the RTP is 95% which the difference between 100 and the house edge.

While a return to player displays the actual times you can make money, the house edge shows you the winning edge of the casino (known as “house”) which can be explained as the amount you will lose per 100 times you bet.

You were wondering how fair are online casinos and here is your answer. Not entirely fair.

Is like telling someone to exchange a 100$ bill for five 20$ bills and they give you back only 95$ in return thus winning money while you lose some.

The house edge is often linked mostly to table games especially the roulette and blackjack.

When it comes to the Roulette things are very interesting as two of its most popular variations, the American Roulette and the European Roulette, feature a house edge with such a big margin between the two.

American Roulette’s house edge is 5.26% while the European Roulette’s is only 2.70%. That is almost half of the former’s. Thus if you like Roulette using the European variation is strongly advised.

We could keep rambling on and on about each casino game’s house edge but as this article is all about how fair online casinos are there are some other things we have to discuss.

If you want to learn more about the RTP or house edge of various both online and physical casino games you can check out some articles we published recently.

Online Casinos Rigged Games?

Instead of not having a reasonable RTP or house edge some online casinos have been involved in scams regarding their games or a specific game offered being rigged. This means that you would lose every time the casino simply wanted you to do so.

A professional card counter on YouTube caught an online casino cheating while playing live Blackjack. The dealer can be seen making a signal to one of his superiors and then skipping a card before dealing a player’s hand.

The whole thing happened very fast and by sleight of hand so that the casino would win that specific round.

When that man tried contacting the support of the site, they, of course, denied anything like that has happened but what they didn’t know was that the whole thing, as well as all the calls, were being recorded.


How does the payout system work?

Normally you select the withdraw methods and the amount you want to withdraw. Then it will take anywhere from a couple of hours up to 3-5 working days for the transaction to be completed.

If you use payment by cheque or some other lengthy payout mean, then this period can go up to a month or so.

Over the years, various major online casinos and Sportsbook have been involved in scams where they would either refuse to pay out a player’s winnings or simply keep them without any further explanation.

In the first case which mind you, happens a lot, the user it’s usually the one to blame because he may have misunderstood the terms and conditions that may apply to payouts or even not have read them at all.

In these occasions, communication plays a key role. Just calmly discuss with the casino and see if you can come to an agreement. If you don’t do that you may lose all your money.

The second case is all the way about scam sites.

Simply refusing to pay out a user’s earnings is a felony and if you have proof that something like that is happening you could not only go to court but make the casino lose its license and even get shut down by the government of the country in which it operates.

Some time ago a woman won a big jackpot but she couldn’t withdraw it as the casino had a maximum monthly payout of 5,000$ or something like that. If she was to go by using this method the woman would have withdrawn it all after 40 whole years!

She kept reaching the customer support until she was told that her attitude wasn’t nice and that she wouldn’t get a single penny because she didn’t have proof indicating the casino wouldn’t pay out a won jackpot.

Turns out she recorded the whole thing and she finally reached an agreement stating she would get half of it and would also have to use it until a specific playthrough requirement was reached.

Then and only then would she be able to start withdrawing it.

are online casinos rigged

License and Certification

By everything that you have read up to this point in the article you must have a basic understanding of how fair online casinos can or can’t be. There is one more thing that could indicate whether a casino will be fair and square when it comes to payouts or a rigged game.

There are specific licenses and certificates that an online casino can have. From all the jurisdiction offering gambling licenses the Costa Rica one is considered one of the worst as it is very easily obtainable.

The best certification a gambling site can have is the eCogra one. When you see their logo in the credentials of a site then you should know that is absolutely safe and fair to play there.

Another great extra a casino can have is a certification from either the renowned user review platforms AskGamblers and AlphaCasinos.


So how fair are online casinos?

After reading the whole article the obvious answer to this question is that it depends on which online casino you play on as well as the certifications and various other great features it may have.

There isn’t really much that you can do before trusting an online casino with your money apart from doing some research beforehand.

By doing that you should be able to easily find out whether the website has been involved in any shady business or anything else of that sort.

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