Can You Win With Online Slots?

Can You Win With Online Slots

There are many sceptics out there that find it hard to believe that you can win when playing online slots.

Some do not trust the software and the online casinos and believe that it is impossible to win.

However, it is more than possible to win when playing online slots and people have been doing just that ever since online gambling began back in 1996.

While it is true that the online casino, in much the same way as land-based casinos, will always have a house edge, being in the right place at the right time and knowing when to stop, could see you become another lucky winner that takes home some good profits.

can you win with online casinos

A casino will always win against players overall and will make money every day when in operation – that has never been disputed.

Online casinos would not be there if they were not guaranteed to make money.

They have a house edge on each of the games that they provide and this usually falls between 2 to 10% depending on the game that you are playing.

What that means is that for every £100 gambled at their casino, they are going to win between £2 and £10.

However, depending on your luck, you might have a win at the online casino while they take their profits from all of the other players that are playing.

What should also be noted is that online casinos do not make up their own rules and have to conform with strict regulations from licensing authorities.

These authorities are there to ensure that online casinos operating under their license always give a fair deal to the players at the casinos while they are also expected to have the security in place to protect financial and personal information of players.

Record Online Slots Win

Just to show you that it is possible to win with online slots and in some cases, huge amounts of money on these slots, we are going to show you the current world record payout from an online slot according to the Guinness Book of Records.

Back on the 5th of October in 2015, Jon Heywood from the UK was playing Mega Moolah when enjoying some slots on the Betway online casino.

Known for having one of the largest progressive jackpots, this Microgaming title paid him out £13,209,300 when he took down that progressive jackpot.

To this day that world record stands but we are certain that it will be broken eventually and whoever does will have won a life-changing amount of money in much the same way that Jon Heywood did.

Mega Moolah is actually well known for producing big winners and is one of the most popular progressive jackpot slots out there.

Mega Fortune is another progressive jackpot slot that has proved to be incredibly popular at the online casinos and is also known for its huge progressive jackpots.

Even if progressive jackpots seem a little too unrealistic for you, there are still some excellent jackpots and payouts that can be claimed from the many other standard styled slot games on offer.

can you win with online casinos

Understanding Random Number Generators

A random number generator is a piece software that determines the odds for a particular online slot and how much the slot will pay back to players that are using it.

This software is regulated under different licensing authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission who will call on third-party RNG test houses to regularly test and check the RNGs of the online slots at the online casinos under their jurisdiction.

Any online casino that is found to not be using the correct RNGs for the games on their online casino could be fined by the regulatory authorities or lose their license completely.

eCogra is also an association that promotes RNG testing and works alongside the regulatory authorities to ensure that this is done.

While eCogra is not an authority, if an online casino is approved by them, it really is a strong seal of approval.

Understanding Return-to-Player Percentages

A return-to-player percentage is a percentage of how much a particular game is meant to payout to its players over a long session.

Generally, an RTP on games at land-based casinos can be anything of 80% upwards while at online casinos this figure if generally higher and is usually between 90 and 98%

What this means is that for every £100 that is spent on a game, on average it will payout 90 and 98% of that amount back and keep what is left over as profit.

This higher RTP on online slots means that players get a much better chance of winning at online casinos compared to land-based ones. Online casinos can afford to have these RTPs as they have much lower overheads and running costs compared to their land-based cousins.

can you win with online casinos

Licensing and Regulations

Any online casino that wants to operate legally has to be licensed by one or more online gambling authority.

The UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority are two of the biggest of these but there are many more that license online casinos to operate in certain jurisdictions.

Essentially, any online casino that has a license from one of these authorities is permitted to accept players from countries where online gambling is legal.

Any online casino that does not have a license (usually found in the footer of their web pages) is probably an illegal online casino and should be avoided.

These authorities require online casinos to operate within some strict regulations.

Among these are that an online casino must keep player funds in a separate account to operating funds, should agree to random RNG testing and should use technology such as 128-bit SSL to protect transactions and financial information of players safe.

Quick Tips for Success

While there is no sure-fire way to guarantee that you will come out as a regular winner when playing online slots, there are a few things that you can do to maximise your chances at the online casinos when playing online slots.

Many of these tips might be a little obvious to some of you but to new players, in particular, these tips could prove to be extremely valuable.

Either way, if you make sure to heed them, you might just manage to claim yourself a handsome payout or two.

  • Take Advantage Of Welcome Bonuses

Almost every online casino will have some kind of welcome bonus for new players to take advantage of.

These are normally matched deposit bonuses up to a certain amount while some casinos will also throw in a number of free spins as part of the deal as well.

You should be looking around for where the best welcome bonuses are and using the free chips and spins to try and take down some wins.

Furthermore, check to see which of these bonuses has the easiest play-through wagering requirements.

Almost all of these bonuses will require you to wager a certain amount before you are able to withdraw wins that were won via free bonus credits.

LeoVegas Casino is one such online casino that we recommend due to their excellent welcome bonus.

You could get yourself as much as £1,600 plus 100 free spins. This is spread over your first four deposits at the casino.

Your first deposit will have a 200% match bonus of up to £200 while the next three will give you a 50% bonus of up to £500, £500 and £400 respectively.

On top of that, for each of those four deposits, you will be given 25 free spins each time.

You can read more about this bonus in our article LeoVegas Slots Bonuses: How to Claim Your Bonus.

can you win with online casinos

  • Look For Games With High Return-to-Player Percentages

As we touched upon earlier, all games will have a set return-to-player percentage attached to them at the online casinos.

While not all of these RTPs will be made public, look for those that are and go to games where the RTP is high.

This means that the game has less of an edge over you and you stand a bit of a better chance of taking home some profit from your online gambling session.

  • Play Progressive Jackpot Slots

While winning a progressive jackpot is not easy and will be a very rare occurrence, there is still the possibility of winning one.

At the end of the day, somebody has to win it right? By playing on progressive jackpot machines, you will always have a chance that your next online gambling session is a very lucky one.

Whats more, is that these can get extremely big with most progressive jackpot wins being in the millions.

So should you ever get lucky, you are more than likely going to be looking at some life-changing money coming your way.

can you win with online casinos

  • Shop Around

Just like you would when you were shopping for any particular product, you should be weighing up the pros and cons of several online casinos before you make a choice on which one to use.

You could even use a few of them and just alternate between them as you chase your good luck.

Always look for the bonuses, the variety of payment methods and those that are the quickest at processing any withdrawals that you make as some of the deciding factors as to whether you would like to play at them.

  • Bet The Maximum

It might seem a bit of a backwards logic to bet as much as possible on every spin but you really should be betting enough to cover the maximum amount of pay lines and using the maximum amount of coins.

Making sure you bet on every win line ensures that you have a better chance of finding wins and at activating any of the games special features.

Of course, this should all be done within the realms of your bankroll and you should always make sure that you gamble responsibly.

Never use money that is required for your monthly bills and expenses and only uses money above and beyond that.

  • Have A Pool of Games

Instead of getting attached to just one online slot, have a small pool of your favourite slots.

Check out some of the best slots here>>

This will allow you to switch between the games when the luck is not going your way on the current one.

Furthermore, try to find slots that have special features that can aid you in your hunt for payouts. Those with free spins bonus rounds are among the best you can go for.

can you win with online casinos

  • Play With a Clear Mind

When we play when tired, stressed or perhaps after having too much to drink, it can lead to us making poor decisions when gambling online.

This is going to be more harmful to table games than it would with slots as there are not many decisions to be made with online slots.

However, you could still end up betting far more than you should as you go chasing losses and therefore make matters worse.


With all of those tips and with some good patience, you might just find yourself winning some decent amounts on a regular basis at your online casino of choice.

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There is never going to be a sure-fire way to win money when playing online slots as the odds are always in the favour of the online casino, yet there really is no reason why one day you could pull in an impressive payout that could change your life for the better.

As long as you bet responsibly and well within your means, you could one day turn some of your spare cash into something considerably larger.

Once you do, our advice would be to bank it and perhaps take a small break away from online gambling so that you can enjoy it.

Anyhow, hopefully, you have enjoyed our in-depth guide on how you can win when playing online slots at the online casinos of your choice.

Thanks again for reading and we wish you luck at the slots and tables.

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