Can You Hack Online Slots?

can you hack online slots

If you were to use the search engines to search for “Can you hack online slots” you will be presented with quite a few results suggesting that you can.

However, is it really possible and is it even worth it?

Many of those links will claim to have software or methods that you can use to hack online slots but we ask you to be very cautious as most will either be scams or viruses that will leave you short int he pocket or even hacked yourself.

So is it even possible?

Anything is possible on the internet but in our opinion, the likeliness that anyone would even try to hack an online game and do it successfully is very slim.

What would hackers try and do?

So, a hacker would either want to manipulate the online casino software to be balanced in their favour or to hack into the financial information of players at the casino.

can you hack online slots

  • Hacking the Software

If it was the former, a hacker might be able to run some software to gain an advantage but there is a big reason why withdrawals take a few days.

Online casinos run the necessary checks to find out what happened and how a player was able to win money – especially if it was a large amount.

They have teams in place that will know what to look out for and they will quickly deem whether a win was fair for both the casino and the player.

Once this has happened, the withdrawal transaction will be frozen and the account will be suspended or banned while further investigations take place.

Casinos are there to make money and they do not like it when they lose – so if they do and it is discovered that you have cheated by hacking, you are not going to get your money and you will also most likely face some kind of prosecution.

Online slots use RNG (random number generator) software to ensure that each spin is completely random and in no specific sequence.

This RNG also works alongside the RTP (return-to-player) percentage of the slot to determine how much it pays out and how much it keeps on average.

It would be quite easy for an online casino to determine if this RNG has been messed with and therefore given the slot a much higher RTP than it should have and is, therefore, benefitting the player more than it should.

  • Hacking Player Data and Transactions

The other reason why a hacker might be interested in getting into an online casino is due to all the financial details of the players.

However, this is not something that would be easy to do due to online casinos using the same sophisticated encryption technology that the worlds leading banks and stock exchanges use.

128-bit SSL encryption is very difficult to bypass (otherwise we would be hearing of banks always being hacked).

Furthermore, all credit card numbers are stored without the names of the customers with these details stored in a separate place.

So its all very unlikely that someone would or could hack an online slot or casino?

In our opinion yes, as it would not really be worth the bother in either case.

Even if somebody was able to do it, it would be very short-lived before they were stopped in their tracks or caught.

Could this Ever Change?

Of course, hackers might one day develop a way of bypassing SSL encryption or find another way to manipulate online slots. However, as hackers get better, so does the technology designed to slow them down.

We think that there will always be a certain element of risk but this risk will often be very rare and well combated by the online casinos. Afterall, if they did not do their best to protect their players, players would simply find something else to do and spend their money elsewhere.

What Should I Do If Ever Suspect Any Hacking?

If you have heard a player bragging that he hacks online slots or have witnessed this yourself, you should first inform both the online casino and the regulatory authority.

They will both carry out investigations to determine if this person really is able to hack.

If you decide to not say anything and it really is true that this person is able to hack online slots, all he is doing is harming the experience of all other players.

If he is winning unfairly, it will mean that other players will get the wrong end of the RTP and therefore lose more often.

can you hack online slots

Online Casinos And Your Financial Transactions

When you go to a reputable online casino that is licensed by regulatory authorities, you can feel a hell of a lot better about the safety of your financial transactions.

This is because they will use enciphering and encryption technology to ensure that your financial transactions are heavily protected.

128-bit encryption and other technologies are the same sorts of technologies that massive financial institutions use to protect your data and transactions, so knowing that most online casinos use this same technology will give you peace of mind.

Furthermore, online casinos take the long necessary checks to ensure that all of their players are who they say they are.

While it might be annoying that they ask you for scans of your passport, driving license or other internationally recognised identification and utility bills that confirm your name and address, this is being requested in order to protect you.

If this verification process fails then no funds will be sent out and all future transactions will be frozen until the player can indeed prove to be who they say they are.

Are Online Casinos Forced To Protect Players And Their Information?

Yes, any online casino that has been granted a license by reputable regulatory authorities will have to adhere to regulations that revolve around the protection of players.

They will have to use the advanced security technologies and measures pointed out above and stand the possibility of losing their license if they do not do everything in their power to protect players.

Players in the UK are specially protected as they have the UK Gambling Commission acting as a regulatory authority over all online casinos that allow UK players to play at their online casinos.

The UKGC is widely known to be the leading online gambling authority and is largely responsible for the safety that players can enjoy when playing at their favourite online casinos.

Before you register with any online casino, check to see who licenses them.

This is usually found in the footer of the page at the online casinos.

You can then go to the website of that regulatory authority and check out what regulations they expect their licensees to adhere to.

If you do not see clear rules and regulations concerning player safety and financial security, you should opt for another online casino that is regulated by an authority that does.

Online Casinos We Know Are Safe

If safety really does concern you when playing at online casinos, we can help you out by pointing you in the direction of a number of casinos that we can vouch for personally.

Most reputable online casinos will have the security measures and technology in place to protect you when playing but if you want to be safer than sorry, the following three online casinos can certainly be relied upon.

  • William Hill Casino

William Hill has a long-standing history in the gambling history and in particular, in the UK.

They have been providing customers with the ability to gamble for a very long time through their high street bookmakers and have since gone in the direction of online gambling since it became regulated in the UK.

They offer players with an ultra-safe online gambling experience through using the latest security technologies and processes.

As well as that protection, you will have access to an extensive range of slots, some top-quality customer support and a variety of different payment methods.

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  • Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino is another online casino that takes player security important.

Having had many years in the gambling industry, Bovada Casino knows the importance of protecting a player and their personal and financial information and transactions.

You can rest easy knowing that Bovada uses 128-bit SLL encryption technology and has some sophisticated firewalls in place.

As well as protecting their players, Bovada Casino provides an excellent variety of online slots for players to choose from, processes withdrawals in a quick and efficient manner and some good welcome bonuses.

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  • LeoVegas

As a recent award-winner, LeoVegas is yet another online casino that you can put your full trust in.

They have quickly risen up the ladder is now recognised as one of the leading online casinos on the internet.

They would not have been able to achieve this without offering top-level protection for their customers and information.

Whats more, is that the quality of slots at Leo Vegas is among the best you can find due to them using a number of the worlds leading developers to provide them.

That list includes Microgaming, NetEnt and IGT, arguably the big three when it comes to casino games.

Customer service is always quick and responsive and you will also have access to a good selection of payment options and a wonderful welcome bonus.

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How to Protect Yourself From Being Hacked

As we have mentioned, hacking an online casino or slot machines is not an easy thing to do are barely even worth it anyway.

This does not mean that it is impossible however and while your personal and financial information is probably going to be safe at an online casino, you should definitely consider taking some steps to make sure.

  • Use Complex Passwords – To help prevent getting your account hacked, you should always use passwords that are a good mix of numbers, symbols and both uppercase and lowercase letters. There are programs that hackers use to try and figure out passwords, s you need to make this as difficult as possible for them.
  • Never Save Passwords on Your Device – When you put a password into websites or software, your computer or device will often ask you if you would like to save that password so that you don’t have to keep entering it all the time. While this is handy for many sites, you should not be using it for anything financial such as e-wallets, online banking or indeed your online casino accounts. Should your phone get stolen or lost, whoever has it will have direct access to it all.
  • Always Use Firewalls and Anti-Virus Software – All devices and computers should have at least one firewall and anti-virus installed. This is to help protect yourself from having malware, Trojans or other viruses installed on your computer which could put your financial information at risk.
  • Only Play at Online Casinos That Use SSL 28-Bit Encryption – Fortunately, most regulatory authorities that license online casinos ensure that as part of their regulations that online casinos use SSL 28-bit encryption to protect all financial transactions. So as long as you make sure that your chosen online casino is licensed by someone like the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority, you are probably being protected by this software.

Final Thoughts

Hacking is something that will probably always exist when it comes to software and computer systems but while there are very smart people that are able to hack, there are people that are just as smart working at stopping them.

Besides, with processes in place to double check all withdrawal requests and the verification of players, even if a hacker was initially successful it is unlikely that they would be able to get away with it for long.

You can always learn how to beat an online slot here>>

To sum up, can you hack online slots? – it might be possible but as we have pointed out in the article, it would not really be worth the trouble considering the many security measures in place.

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