Are Online Slots Really Random?

Are Online Slots Really Random?

It is rather understandable that many new players or people that have an interest in perhaps playing online slots will have certain questions that they wish to know the answer to.

One such question is “Are online slots really random?

Players and people find themselves asking this question because all the games at an online casino are virtual rather than being physical.

When you go to a land-based casino, you will see physical things like a Roulette wheel or playing cards and can be quite sure that results are random even if casino games have been designed to give a certain amount of edge to the casino.

At an online casino, however, everything is created by software, from the graphics on the screen, to the sounds that come out of the speaker and of course, the results are all created by some kind of software, a program that was written by somebody.

This is why players often ask questions, because is there any way to know if these online slots really are random?

Well, hopefully, you are about to learn the answer to that question and many others that you might have about online slots, casinos, RNGs and other online gambling factors by reading this blog post.

More About Online Slots

Online slots have always been among the most popular online gambling games found at the online casinos.

They are a quick and easy way for players to win good sums of money and have a bit of fun at the same time.

Over the years, the quality of these online slots has evolved from the standard classic slots of times gone by to slots that are packed with innovative features and as many as 4,000 pay lines.

Slots have come so far in a relatively short period of time as they are now available with fantastic HD graphics and animations that would not look out of place on video games.

There have been some excellent titles that have been released over the years such as Mega Moolah, Break Da Bank, Gonzo’s Quest, Hall of Gods, Starburst, Mega Millions and Guns N Roses.

There are a large number of top-quality online casino game developers that have been responsible for bringing thousands of online slots to our screens.

Among the best of them are Microgaming, Quickspin, NYX, Playtech, NetEnt and Thunderkick Gaming.

As well as the clear improvement of quality on modern online slots, there has also been a dramatic improvement in the sort of jackpots that can be won over the years.

Players that play at progressive jackpot slots can win as much as 10+ million while regular jackpots are growing as well.

This evolvement will likely continue in the future, especially when you consider that there are more players than ever at the online casinos due to mobile technology. 

Long gone are the days where desktop computers are needed to gamble online and we can now do it on our smartphones or tablets as well. In fact, there are already a number of iPhone slot apps available.

It is exciting to think where online slots and online gambling will go in the next decade but what we can say, for now, is that online gambling, in general, has never been safer and that the results are completely random.

Where To Play Online Slots

How Can We Be Sure Online Slots are Random?

When we play physical games of chance, we have physical items and our own eyes to place our trust in.

When playing online we are essentially playing a computer program.

There is only one real way to ensure that an online casino is providing online slots that are highly likely to be completely random.

This is through the regulations that an online gambling regulatory authority will set and expect an online casino to adhere to.

They will have the power to test all RNGs (more about this later) on the online slots that an online casino provides.

These regulations are there to protect players and to ensure that online casinos really are providing their players with random results.

Other ways that these regulators protect players is by ensuring that online casinos use sophisticated security such as 128-bit SSL encryption and firewalls to protect their data.

They will also make sure that online casinos keep their operating funds in different accounts to that of the player’s funds.

The latter is to ensure that should there ever be any financial problems with the online casino, the players will still always be able to get the balances into their accounts back.

With these regulators making sure online casinos and online slots are fair, we can all have a peace of mind whenever we go to our favourite casinos to enjoy some online gambling.

More About RNG Software

Random number generators are what determine the results on online slots and most other online casino games.

These RNGs are software based and essentially determine the result of each and spin that you make on the online slot you are playing at.

How these RNGs work is that there are billions of different number sequences that are spat out every millisecond.

The exact moment you spin the reels will determine which of those numbers and the particular symbol formation on the reels will be displayed on the screen.

When operated correctly and alongside the regulations that an online casino must adhere to, RNG software is indeed completely random and therefore fair for players.

While RNG software will be programmed to give the online casino an edge, this edge is deemed fair enough by the authorities.

An online casino has to make money after all but it also has to give players a fair chance of walking away as the winner on occasions.

Is RNG Software Regulated?

Are Online Slots Really Random?

If the online casino is regulated and licensed by a regulatory authority such as the UK Gambling Commission, then yes.

Most online casinos are regulated by some kind of regulatory authority, in fact pretty much all of them are these days.

Any online casino that is not regulated is pretty much operating illegally.

This is why it is important that the very first thing you do when you find an online casino that interests you, is to check to see if they are licensed and regulated.

An online casino that is regulated will be required to have their RNG software and gaming machines checked and tested to ensure that they meet the requirements.

These checks are done by third-party testing houses and the results are given to the online gambling regulatory authority.

These tests and checks are normally done at the beginning of a license, every year of the license and just before a license might be extended further.

Online gambling regulators also have the power to have these tests performed at random at any time if they have any suspicions.

Is There a Chance That RNG Can be Rigged By Online Casinos?

Technically it would be possible, yes but it would be a serious risk taken by a regulated online casino.

Any online casino has to pass rigorous tests before they are trusted enough to be given a license, so to risk having that license removed by rigging the online slots it provides, is extremely huge.

While it could definitely happen, it is very unlikely.

This is especially the case with online casinos that have a strong reputation and have been in the online gambling industry for many years.

This is the reason we always suggest online casinos such as William Hill Casino, LeoVegas or Mr Green.

William Hill has a long history being involved in gambling both online and offline while LeoVegas and Mr Green have won awards in recent years for the quality, fairness and safety that they provide for players.

Can I Report Suspicious Online Casinos?

If you ever think that an online casino you are playing at is suspicious in any way, you can contact the regulatory authority that has licensed it.

This could be if you suspect a particular game to not provide the correct randomness or RTP or whether you think that an online casino is doing anything else that is suspicious.

They will run the necessary investigations to see if what you suspect is true.

These regulatory authorities are there to protect players and they will always act against any online casino that is not offering their services in a fair and safe manner.

To find out the name of the online gambling regulatory authority that is licensing an online casino, you can usually find that information at the bottom of the screen on the homepage of the casino.

You can then first verify that the online casino is actually regulated by them and then have them complete their investigations.

Online Casinos We Know That Are Fair

It would be fair to say that the vast majority of online casinos offer up online slots and other casino games that are completely fair.

There might be the very exception to this rule but the days of shady online casinos are practically over now.

However, while this might be true, it is always best to be safe than sorry. For that reason, we have found a few that we know from our own experience and expertise to not only be completely safe and completely fair.

– BetVictor

Are Online Slots Really Random?

BetVictor has an illustrious history both in the UK and all across the world for the high-class gambling services that it provides.

Being a big name in the UK gambling industry, this online casino is no doubt one of the safest and fairest around.

With a fantastic welcome bonus and some of the best online slot games, you will find, BetVictor is an online casino that definitely comes with our recommendation.

– Betfair

Are Online Slots Really Random?

Betfair is another big name brand in the online gambling industry has been providing their services for many years now.

They have built up a solid reputation and therefore can only be assumed to be trustworthy.

They do not only provide online slots but also offer up some other types of online gambling such as sports betting, LIVE dealer games and classic table games.

– LeoVegas

Are Online Slots Really Random?

There is very little chance that an online casino which won a major award last year would be considered anything other than safe for players to gamble at.

LeoVegas won the Online Gambling Operator of the Year for 2016 and has become one of the most popular online casinos around.

LeoVegas is one of the online casinos that we rate the most due to a lucrative welcome bonus and an excellent range of games from multiple software developers.

– Mr Green

Mr Green is another online casino that has won awards over the years, some as recent as this year and last year in fact.

With a huge following of players and containing some of the very best online slots of all time, this online slot is definitely one that you can trust to be fair.

This is easily one of our most favourite online casinos for a number of reasons but the main ones are the fact that it has some excellent online slots, a good welcome bonus and some impressive processing times.

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand that reputable online casinos that have been licensed and regulated are more than likely to offer random results on their games, you should be able to go and enjoy some online gambling with a certain peace of mind.

There will always be the odd case where some unscrupulous online casino tries to dupe its customers but in the main, online casinos nowadays are completely fair.

This is down to the regulations that online casinos have to abide by and the fact that they are being constantly watched.

We do hope you learned something from this blog post and that you now have an answer to “Are online slots really random?”

As you now know, yes they are completely random if the online casino is operating as it should be and is adhering to the regulations that have been set out for it to have a license and to sell its online gambling services.

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